Landlines, cellphones, and the Internet coexist

Rather than relying on a single data source for polls, we specialize in using multiple modes of contact to collect the most accurate and cost-effective polling sample possible. We combine the use of our in-house IVR automated system with an extended network of live call centers and online panel providers for oversampling and more complex messaging research. This ensures our survey results are representative among youth, minority, and other ‘cell phone only’ and ‘online only’ populations, while at the same time reducing budget waste with participants who are happy to use IVR. Our online surveys also allow us to delve into more complicated issues without the response fatigue that comes with overly long, traditional phone surveys.

Republican brand continues to lag among younger voters

These examples are from our voter file-driven quarterly online panel surveys, if you are interested in adding a question please contact us. The last survey was a national sample balanced by US census to 1,613 respondents from the voter file.

Backed by “big data”

All of our polling, including our online surveys, is done using the best and most up-to-date voter and consumer files possible to ensure an accurate phone universe and final poll sample. This allows us to integrate our powerful modeling predictions with the polling to accurately reduce response bias in the toplines and weighting, provide additional insight in the crosstabs, and create a clearer picture of opinions.

Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) provisions remain widely popular, only brand suffers

Republicans are very conflicted (confused?) on ACA provisions versus ObamaCare