Polling Portal Tool

Our tool takes data from polls Clarity conducts, or weighted raw data from any other polling firm, and creates toplines and crosstabs that are securely viewable from any web browser. Take a closer look at the tools available below.

Built-in graphic functions allow the user to quickly display a chart and download for a presentation.

Appended voter data and model scores are easy to display and view against the poll sample.

Instead of polls on paper or in unwieldy PDFs, the Portal allows you to find and share exactly the data you need, immediately. You can create custom filters to look at data by any crosstab in the poll – to see just how messages work with White Independents, for instance, or people with turnout scores below 60 and support scores over 80. Click the video above for a demo.

When designing the Clarity Portal, we wanted to make sure it was accessible any time you needed it. 

With the powerful highlight tool, you can view crosstabs and filter out results that aren't statistically significant. Click the video above for a demo.

We’re also rolling out tools to allow you to create custom time series and message batteries with just a few clicks.

The Clarity Portal is mobile friendly so you can take it with you on the go. 


Request a Demo

We’re happy to provide additional demo logins to help members of your team understand all of the ways the Portal will make the money you and your campaigns spend on polling make a bigger impact.

There are a variety of subscriptions and pricing options,  and we’d be happy to discuss in order to find the best long term subscription plan for you as we further develop the tool. But for short-term access to the portal, we charge setup costs as well as a monthly fee to maintain the polling database, load surveys and access the Portal.

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