In the days since the election, we've heard a lot of talk about a "blue wave." We can let other people debate exactly what that means, but we know for sure that our partners and clients had a great night. We were proud to be part of important victories and hundreds of campaigns that were run the right way.

To all the candidates, organizations, clients, and partners who had a big November, congratulations! And to the voters who elected new, adult leadership, THANK YOU. Our souls needed the reminder: hate doesn't win. 

Clarity is incredibly proud of the role we played to provide valuable intelligence and insight into voter behavior for efforts across the country. Here at Clarity we're nerds who love statistics, but even more than that we love finding ways to make data approachable, informative, and actionable. We are grateful to have earned the trust of so many important races and issues across the country.

A few key highlights from Clarity's 2018 cycle:

  • Our modeling and analytics tools were used by the coordinated and groups that made up 90% of Democratic House spending this year, including helping the DCCC take back the House with an overwhelming 35 seat gain (and counting!)

  • Supporting the DGA and Gubernatorial races from coast to coast in picking up 7 Governor's seats, turning the tide in states Trump won like Wisconsin and Michigan

  • Working with the DSCC on Montana and North Dakota Senate races, supporting incredible teams fighting on difficult terrain, and also assisting the Virginia Coordinated campaign

  • Expanding access to democracy for 1.4 million people in Florida with Amendment 4 and helping win ballot initiative victories across the country, and helping win ballot initiatives across the country

  • Designing a winning path to victory with Kendra Horn in OK-05.

  • Knocking doors during GOTV to help bring home wins in VA-02, KS-03, NJ-07 and the Montana Senate race.

Clarity team canvassing in their matching hoodies for GOTV weekend 2018.

Clarity team canvassing in their matching hoodies for GOTV weekend 2018.

Some of us are currently helping with recounts and others are taking some much needed R&R, but don't hesitate to reach out. We're always exciting to talk about our latest innovations from this cycle and finding ways we can help move progressives forward, no matter how small the fight.

Thank you, 
David, Dan, John, Cristina and Team Clarity