Clarity Campaign Labs has partnered with Bloomberg Politics for an eight-article series focusing on battleground states in the upcoming general election. The special report, called Battlegrounds, was first introduced earlier this month. The series has featured Clarity's party scores and national models to classify the American electorate into five categories. These groups, which include base supporters for both candidates, get-out-the-vote voters for both candidates (those who will likely support a candidate, but just need a bit of a push to get them to the polls) and the "persuadables" (those whose party allegiances and voting tendencies are both relatively shaky), will permeate the report going forward.

Battlegrounds, which just released its third article yesterday, features special analysis by Clarity. The first piece includes research on working class white males living near factories that have closed in the Rust Belt states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan. The second piece focuses on early voting tendencies in six key states: Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina, Arizona, Iowa, and Ohio. Shifting towards the younger electorate, the most recent piece, delves into Bernie Sanders' millennial supporters in New Hampshire, Maine, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, using Clarity's College Scores and geographic voterfile data. 

Clarity Campaign Labs uses voter-registration organized and maintained through TargetSmart. Our team of data scientists and analysts combine this voter data with other public sources to create proprietary scores and models like those mentioned in Battlegrounds. 

For more information on partnering with Clarity, send us an email to learn more about our products and services. 

Special thanks to Bloomberg Politics' Sasha Issenberg and Steven Yaccino for their detailed work on this project. Be sure to follow Bloomberg Politics online for updates as the series continues to roll out until November.