With only 17 days to go until election day, we’d like to highlight the release of two new models. Our National Clinton Support Model predicts an individual’s likelihood of supporting Hillary Clinton for President and was trained on a combined dataset of nearly 82,000 interviews. The Clinton Support Score will be included in our bundle of National Models, as well as a crosstab in any polls conducted between now and election day. We’re proud to be standing with Hillary Clinton as she works to become our next President. 

To supplement the Clinton Support Model, we also created an Ohio state-specific model to identify what we have dubbed the Vindictive Trump Supporter Model. It predicts a Trump supporter’s likelihood of punishing down-ballot Republicans who denounce Trump in the 2016 General Election. We interviewed likely Trump Supporters in the wake of leaked tapes from 2005 that prompted several elected Republicans to withdraw their support of the nominee. Our model yielded 670,000 Ohio Voters with scores greater than 40, meaning that a significant amount of people would be less supportive of down-ballot Republicans if they denounce Trump.

For more information on these models or any of our other products and services, feel free to send us an email.