DIRECTV and DISH Partner with Clarity Campaign Labs and TargetSmart Communications to Bring Addressable Advertising to the 2014 Election Cycle

Washington, D.C. – Election cycle after election cycle, voters complain about having to watch one political ad after another that fails to address the issues that matter to them. But when campaigns’ budgets only allow them to develop a spot that addresses the broadest group of voters in just 30 or 60 seconds, this is inevitable.

D2Media Sales, a strategic relationship between DIRECTV and DISH, is working with Clarity Campaign Labs and TargetSmart Communications, leading Democratic data and targeting firms that help campaigns use the Democratic National Committee voter file database, to make addressable advertising a reality for campaigns and voters. This will allow campaigns to target specific households and deliver specific ads that are relevant to them. The combined reach includes more than 20 million DIRECTV and DISH households across the country. 
”D2 Media Sale’s addressable ad platform not only delivers the power of a thirty second TV ad with the precision targeting of the internet, but it does so at scale,” said Keith Kazerman, SVP Ad Sales for DIRECTV. “By utilizing the data provided by Clarity Campaign Labs and TargetSmart Communications, D2 Media Sales will be able to offer political campaigns the ability to advertise more efficiently at the household level, reaching only those voters who they want to target.  
“D2 Media Sales brings technology and scale, combined with data from our partners that allows campaigns to speak more directly with voters,” said Warren Schlichting, DISH senior vice president of media sales. “The more the message resonates with the voter, the more efficient and effective the campaign can be.”

"The Democratic National Committee has been investing in technology to engage with voters on their terms for over a decade.  Television ads that speak directly to a voter about issues they care about is exactly the type of innovation we are promoting through Project Ivy that will help Democrats win up and down the ticket this November,” said DNC Technology Director Andrew Brown.
Clarity Campaign Labs is a leader in the rapidly growing world of data analytics and consulting whose products include the voter contact models, persuasion targeting, polling, and experimental testing that allow campaigns to use data effectively. Clarity’s groundbreaking work in national voter modeling has provided the foundation for the voter file infrastructure of every Democratic state party in the country.
“Political television advertising has remained largely unchanged since its inception but now, by utilizing the voter and consumer data that is already available to campaigns and associations, we can move political advertising into the 21st century so that voters see TV ads that are more relevant to them,” said David Radloff, co-founder and partner of Clarity Campaign Labs.
TargetSmart Communications is the market-leading data firm specializing in high-quality data content, services, and data integration technology to organizations that communicate directly with large numbers of people. TargetSmart works with the Democratic National Committee to maintain a national voter file acquired directly from state and county sources as well as a file of unregistered persons determined by matching the voter data to consumer data files.
“By making advertising smarter we can help candidates explain their plans in detail and allow voters to see less of the ads that turn them off from the political system and more of the ads that make them want to engage in the process,” said Drew Brighton, CEO of TargetSmart Communications.
D2Media is headquartered in Washington, D.C.
Clarity Campaign Labs is an industry leader in the rapidly growing world of data analytics and consulting with a team of campaign strategy, political data, and analytics experts. For more information on voter modeling, individually-targeted TV advertising or research and polling, visit
TargetSmart is the leading provider of political data and technology that enables campaigns and organizations to successfully communicate with large audiences, personalize outreach, and create lasting relationships. With a politically-focused approach our team combines consumer data, databases, data integration and consulting to deliver high-performance, reliable data products and solutions