New website, new office space, and a fun viral partisan name lookup tool all in one week!

This week, Clarity Campaign Labs, an industry leader in the rapidly growing world of data analytics and consulting, launched a new website showcasing their work in voter contact models, persuasion targeting, polling, and experimental testing that allow campaigns to use data effectively. Clarity’s groundbreaking work in national voter modeling has provided the foundation for the voter file infrastructure of every Democratic state party in the country.

The site allows users to access some of the cutting edge tools Clarity is working on, like their election projection dashboards that use partial election results to project final results for statewide races, as well as interactive features like Clarity’s “How Democratic Is Your Name?” name lookup tool, which uses first names to predict party affiliation, gun ownership, church attendance, and more.  In less than one week, the name lookup tool has gotten over 2.1 million hits.

Founded in 2012, Clarity Campaign Labs brings together a team of experts in the areas of campaign strategy, data, and analytics with years of experience at ISSI, NCEC, Democratic state parties and national party committees. The Clarity team, which is also moving into new office space, provides fully integrated analytic solutions to Democratic campaigns, progressive non-profits, and socially responsible corporations, setting themselves apart from others in the industry by developing battle-tested strategies to use data resources most efficiently and effectively, scaling robust tools to fit even the most shoestring budget. This expertise allows their clients to cut through the noise and integrate data and analytics into their overall campaign strategy.

“Our analytics allow clients to communicate even the most delicate or complicated message to the right audience so they are moved to action while integrating seamlessly toward the overall campaign frame seen by the general public,” said Clarity co-founder David Radloff. “Thanks to the depth and breadth of our experience working on both large- and small-scale campaigns we can provide clients with the tools they need to be successful in their specific race, from developing candidate-specific and issue-specific models to research and polling or running trainings with staffers to teach them how to use the data they have at their disposal.”