Clarity Online Tool Allows Users to Find Zip Codes Matching Their Politics

We launched a new online tool (for entertainment purposes only!) on our website today allowing visitors to find zip codes that most closely match their political views. The tool was first covered by Reid Wilson in the Washington Post GovBeat section as well as hundreds of other great place across the country such as Business Insider (which added a top cities map), the Bangor Daily News in Maine, FOX 13 in Salt Lake City, and ABC 7 in Los Angeles.

As DC area residents we particularly enjoyed the Washingtonian article:

A pocket of Alexandria is the most liberal-friendly zone in Virginia, while in Maryland, that distinction goes to Zip code 20912, also known as the People’s Republic of Takoma Park. Turn the dials all the way to the right in Maryland, and you land on a sleepy town in the state’s far western panhandle called Accident.

Visitors choose a state and answer a seven-question quiz to find which zip codes in that state most closely match their answers. The top zip code result shows the probability that the average resident there shares similar characteristics. The tool uses Clarity Campaign Labs’ national models on the Co-Op voter file from SmartVAN and is built on data from TargetSmart Communications.

You can find the town that mostly closely matches your values at

“We believe it’s valuable for people to understand how properly utilizing even small pieces of data the right way can deliver powerful results. This tool provides a fun way for people to see that there are folks who share their views across the country,” said Dan Castleman, co-founder and Director of Analytics for Clarity Campaign Labs.

Earlier this year, Clarity Campaign Labs released the Partisan Name Calculator to see what people’s first names say about their politics based on national voter modeling.