Data and modeling at the heart of new push by Democrats to take state legislatures

As Democrats look to 2014, there will be significant investment in protecting vulnerable seats and, in some cases, making gains in state legislatures across the country. As MSNBC’s Benjy Sarlin writes, a major part of this effort will be the work the DLCC is doing with Clarity Campaign Labs to use data analytics and voter models to approach voters with the right messages and bolster Democratic turnout.

The Clarity team brings years of experience implementing data analytics on campaigns up and down the ballot, and expert knowledge of how to scale robust tools to fit the goals and budget of local races.

State legislative races have a huge impact on the issues we care about as Democrats and progressives, here at Clarity we're excited to work with the DLCC on applying data and analytics to campaigns around the country:

The fight for control of the Senate may be the top political story in 2014. But under the radar, national Democrats are preparing for a fight that could have an even greater impact on voters’ lives: control of state legislatures. 

This week, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee gathered one hundred organizers from more than two-dozen states at American University in Washington for training in the latest voter turnout techniques and technology ahead of the November election. It’s the second election cycle for the DLCC’s new field training program, which was launched to respond to the 2010 Republican tsunami.

Tom Bonier, whose Clarity Campaign Labs is working with the DLCC on its data programs, said the new system had an encouraging test run in New Jersey last November when Democrats poured big money into a campaign to hold their state Senate majority amid an anticipated blowout win by Republican Gov. Chris Christie.  

From Democrats gear up for 2014 state fights on msnbc.com