We're excited to apply our groundbreaking work in New Jersey from 2013 and our national models to more state legislative races in 2014:

McCabe hired Clarity Campaigns, a political consulting firm, to design a predictive model that approximated the kind of voter he was looking for. The model advised Democrats not to reach out to some voters, which made some uneasy, said Clarity co-founder Tom Bonier. But what the campaigns gave up in breadth was made up in depth.

"They were able to use the models to not only target the right voters, but also target messages," said Bonier, "sending pieces of mail on gun control to households that the model identified as likely to move on the issue, while talking about taxes to other households."

Democrats went on to win all four countywide races at stake.

From the Washington Post: Political data, once the reserve of presidential campaigns, is spreading to local races BY BRIAN FUNG May 7 at 1:25 pm