Excited to have Clarity polling and analytics featured in The New Republic:

The numbers at the heart of our May 12, 2014 cover story on the Democratic Party’s challenge in midterm elections were provided by TargetSmart, a Washington D.C.-based political data firm that works with the Democratic Party and helped to build the data infrastructure of the 2012 Obama campaign, as well as by TargetSmart’s sister shop,Clarity Campaign Labs, a targeting, analytics, and polling company that services Democratic and progressive clients across the United States.

Definitely check out the full in-depth four-part piece:


1. Inside the New Science of Midterm Survival 

2. Our Poll of Reflex and Unreliable Voters

3. The Democrats' Best Senate Hopes: An Unorthodox Ranking 

4. Exclusive Maps of Four Democratic Vote-Hunting Grounds