As we head into the holiday season I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate everyone on a great 2013 and give you a few quick highlights on what we've been up to at Clarity.

First, we’d like to congratulate the Democratic state legislative leaders in New Jersey on their historic victory! While Chris Christie won by 22 points, carrying over 75% of state legislative districts, Democrats kept him from gaining a single seat from their sizable majorities in both chambers. Clarity Campaign Labs was proud to work alongside the Democratic legislative team from the beginning, building a full suite of models for all 120 Democratic legislative candidates, as well as dozens of down-ballot candidates, and providing accurate and actionable benchmark and tracking poll data in districts across the state. Our models and polls helped ensure Democrats had resources where we needed them to withstand the Christie wave.

We also recently released 'v3' of the national Clarity Democratic Party Model, which is now available to all VoteBuilder and SmartVAN users. This was more than just an update as it now incorporates over 25 million new voter contact ID's as well as data from numerous new consumer sources not previously used by progressive modelers. In addition, we’ve been continuing to update and score new registrants with our ever-growing list of national models

This summer we were incredibly grateful to have John Hagner join the Clarity team. John was the National Field Director for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in 2012 and was proud to be part of the team that beat the odds and helped grow the Senate Democratic Caucus. He has many years of experience working on races across the country, from aldermanic campaigns to Congressional special elections and everything in between. The team is continuing to grow with Mindy Lee joining as an Analyst in October and more additions to come in 2014.

And lastly, we've started running quarterly national online panel surveys to provide an additional stream of fresh data for our models. The online panels are sampled and weighted using the latest TargetSmart and Coop files. We sometimes have additional room on these surveys so please let JohnDavid, or myself know if there is a particular question you'd like to add.

Looking forward to a busy and exciting 2014!