Leading political data analytics and modeling firm positioned for continued growth in coming election cycle

Washington, D.C. – Clarity Campaign Labs, a leader in the rapidly growing industry of data analytics and modeling, today announced the promotion of Senior Vice President John Hagner to Partner. He will continue leading the firm’s strategic consulting work while also working directly with campaigns and advocacy groups to take advantage of significant advances in voter targeting and addressable advertising. Combined with in-depth data analytics and modeling tools, Clarity Campaign Labs’ cutting edge work to make big data actionable has laid the groundwork for major victories for Democrats in the 2016 cycle.

Hagner joined Clarity as a Senior Vice President in 2013 after serving as National Field Director for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) in 2012. Before that, he was the first Director of Targeting and Data Analysis for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. He got his start working for Howard Dean in New Hampshire and the Democratic National Committee in the 2004 general election. He’s worked on races across the country, from aldermanic campaigns and Congressional special elections to serving as Sen. Sherrod Brown’s Field Director in 2006 and running the Ohio Democratic Party’s field and targeting programs for the 2008 cycle.

“John really helped develop our work on gubernatorial and down-ballot races, helping us provide advanced analytics to campaigns where a modern, data-driven campaign can make the difference between winning and losing,” said David Radloff. “His work with the Democratic Governors Association helped campaigns states like Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Colorado and Rhode Island withstand a tough electoral environment.”

“John is constantly pushing our team to make big data actionable and accessible to everyone through innovative tools and new approaches. This helps us all rethink how we have always done things so we can keep helping our clients work smarter and more efficiently.  We all know how much harder everyone’s job has gotten on the modern campaign, and that commitment to innovation is a crucial part of continuing to be successful,” said Dan Castleman. “And his vision will prove invaluable as we continue to expand our international work in the coming years.”

The announcement comes as co-founder Tom Bonier takes the drive and determination that the Clarity team is known for onto his next challenge as CEO at TargetSmart Communications. Bonier was recently named by Campaigns & Elections magazine to their Influencers 50 list as one of the top strategists shaping the future of American political campaigns.

“The 2016 cycle starts now, and progressive candidates and causes have never been better positioned to use the best available tools to communicate even the most delicate or complicated message to the right audiences,” said Bonier. “John, David, Dan and the rest of the Clarity Campaign Labs team are going to play an integral role in ensuring the advances we’ve made over the past few years help Democrats and progressives win the races we need to enact the positive change that drives each of us day after day.”


Clarity Campaign Labs is an industry leader in the rapidly growing world of data analytics and consulting with a team of campaign strategy, political data, and analytics experts. For more information on voter modeling, individually-targeted TV advertising or research and polling, visit www.claritycampaigns.com.