Three leaders in the field of political data, campaign strategy, and cutting edge analytics announced the formation of a new venture to provide fully integrated, information-driven analytic solutions to Democratic and Progressive candidates and causes.

Tom Bonier, the former Chief Operating Officer of NCEC Services, Inc., and David Radloff, the former Chief Operating Officer of ISSI, have partnered with Drew Brighton and TargetSmart Communications, a leading political data content provider, to launch Clarity Campaign Labs, LLC.

"I'm really excited to work hands-on with clients, help them access the best tools available, and ensure those tools are integrated into their overall strategic plan" said Bonier.

Clarity Campaign Labs is the first company to provide integrated analytic solutions that leverage proven campaign strategies, while at the same time effectively utilize data from a variety of sources. This “first of its kind” entity, leveraging access to superior data, analytics, and strategic consulting, puts Democrats at all levels of the ballot in a strong position heading into the 2012 elections.

Adds Radloff, “Our focus is not on selling a one-size-fits-all product, but individually working with each client to make sense of the flood of information already available, run more efficient campaigns, save money and use the data to tell their story to voters.”

The Clarity team brings together experts in campaign strategy, political data, and analytics. The convergence of those three capabilities is what Clarity Campaign Labs is all about -- providing sophisticated data and analytic solutions, while ensuring that those solutions integrate seamlessly into the overall campaign strategy.

Drew Brighton, CEO of TargetSmart said, "Tom Bonier and David Radloff are the best there is when it comes to targeting and analytics. They have both established a proven body of work in politics that has stood the test of time. Add to that TargetSmart’s robust data content and data quality capabilities, and Clarity Campaign Labs is going produce a truly essential service for our clients.”

Clarity Campaign Labs is dedicated to providing fully integrated analytic solutions to Democratic campaigns and progressive non-profits—combining best-in-class voter data content, cutting-edge predictive analytics and reporting, and proven campaign management and targeting strategies. Clarity Campaign Labs is headquartered in Washington, DC.

For more information, contact Clarity Campaign Labs, LLC at 202-999-3225 or visit