In addition to custom modeling services we have many pre-built national models and scores available in all 50 states + DC. These scores were created and validated based on automated, live, and online survey data from the first half of 2013 to reflect the very fluid nature of several of the issues (and will be updated on an ongoing basis). While the list is always expanding, current offerings include:


  • Likely College Graduate
  • Frequency of Church Attendance
  • Likely Gun Owner
  • Source of News
  • Source of TV (cable versus direct broadcast)
  • Spanish Language Preference
  • Likely uninsured / ACA (new)

Issue preference

  • Climate Change Priority
  • Choice Support
  • Likely Fiscal Progressive
  • Gun Control Support
  • Immigration Progressive

Partisanship and activist

  • Democratic Party Support 2012
  • Democratic Party Support 2013 (new)
  • Prospective Activist (new)

Voter turnout

  • Likely Voter 2013
  • Likely Drop-off Voter 2013
  • Likely Voter 2014
  • Likely Drop-off Voter 2014
  • Likely Voter 2016 (to be released Q1 2014 and updated after 2014 vote history is available)

Pricing varies as many SmartVAN subscriptions include access to some of these models for no additional cost, but even clients who use other data providers are able to have these scored to their own state files. Please contact us for details.