Foundation of national models and scores

Statistical modeling and analytics were critical to the data-driven Obama campaign as well as Democratic candidates for state house and progressive issues across the country. In addition to the custom modeling options outlined below we have many national models and scores available in all 50 states + DC, which can be a much more cost effective option for many campaigns and are extremely predictive inputs into all of our custom projects.

Issue preference

  • Climate Change Priority

  • Choice Support

  • Fiscal Progressive

  • Gun Control Support

  • Immigration Progressive

Voting Behavior

  • Likely Voter 2020 (both primary and general)

  • Democratic Party Support

  • Trump Favorability


  • Likely College Graduate

  • Likely Retiree

  • Frequency of Church Attendance

  • Likely Gun Owner

  • Source of TV

    • Likely Cable

    • Likely Satellite

    • Likely Broadcast

  • Low TV Viewership

likely college graduate model

likely churchgoer model

likely gun owner model

Custom predictive modeling for your organization

Taking advantage of the latest statistical and machine-learning algorithms, we built custom in-house tools to quickly deliver voter models and micro-targeting to accurately identify the individuals your campaign should contact. Some examples of possible models include turnout, prospective activist, candidate/issue support, fundraising, and persuasion.

Some key advantages of using our modeling and analytic team include:

  • Higher accuracy through advanced modeling algorithms and methodology

  • More efficient and cost-effective data collection through in-house survey tools

  • Extensive actual campaign targeting experience on local, state, and national races

Additionally in-house analytics servers are dynamically updated with national voter file and consumer analytics data, providing additional efficiency for our custom modeling projects:

  • No waiting for data exports or negotiating additional contracts

  • Two industry leading major consumer data sources plus numerous boutique and custom enhancements

  • Continually refreshed national models as inputs into custom projects